A really good trainer

After wanting to complete a first aid course for use at work and also to use at home with my children I booked this course with Rachel. She is a really good trainer, made the course more enjoyable than most first aid courses, it was interesting to learn and I feel I learnt quite alot that I hope I never have to use, but I feel I would be able to deliver first aid in a range of situations if I was ever required to do so.


Professional, encouraging and very supportive

CU Phosco Lighting Services have engaged Rachel Kay to deliver the EFAW course to all its employees.

I personally attended the course in the autumn of 2019 and would state that Rachel is professional, encouraging and very supportive throughout the course. The way she delivers the information is very impressive and she makes everyone on the course feel comfortable to ask and answer questions without feeling the embarrassment of being wrong. She also kept the group engaged, interested and eager to have a go at the practical elements.

I feel that my employees and I came away from the course with a really good understanding of areas I had not had training on before and a better understanding of the bits I already knew.

A testament to Rachel is that CU Phosco Lighting Services have used Rachel’s training several times after my course for new employees and refreshers.

Bob Gaskell